Everyone knows that roulette is a pure game of chance. Also, it is a common knowledge that roulette has a great payout for those who like to risk and as you have noticed, and the different recommended casinos offer different number of mobile roulette games and different bonuses that accompany. So playnowcan.com is here to help you decide which operator is right for you.

Moreover, almost every roulette bettor would like to be one of the most famous roulette players like Joseph Jagger and Charles Wells. Being a very tricky game with easy and straightforward rules, roulette has millions of fans all over the world.

One of the most famous bets

The list of famous bets and bettors in roulette was extended when in 2004 the native British placed his successful winning bet. What is so special about this bet? Well, no many players do such crazy things to beat roulette!

Ashley Revell, the lucky roulette player, sold all his possession, including even clothes to place $135,300 on red. Can you imagine the risk? All his staff was sold! The man was ready to lose everything in case of failure. The world could watch his bet in one of the reality series "Double or Nothing" broadcasted on the famous Britain's Sky television.

When he won $ 270,600 he was speechless as he understood that he could be left with nothing! Ashley Revell was giving interviews where he said he wanted to place his bet on black till the moment the wheel started spinning. It was a huge risk. Later on, he also admitted that lots of Britain's Sky viewers wrote to him and voted to place his bet on red. So, he somehow listened to them.

The interesting fact about Ashley Revell is that he changed his middle name for "Blue Square", in the honor of Blue Square, the UK bookmaker who donated money to Ashley Revell's bet. So, now his name is Ashley Blue Square Revell.

Curious thing is that the famous bettor invested his winning into setting up a poker site called Poker United.