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Joseph Jagger

Born in 1830 in London, Joseph Jagger was ordinary engineer and mechanic in the cotton industry. He became famous for enormous winning in roulette. How could that happen? Joseph had technical education and he knew exactly that all the devices created by humans were prone to have imperfections.

His gained his popularity when he broke the bank in Monte Carlo! He was highly interested in roulette and decided to find a biased wheel to take advantage of it. So, he did it. After spotting that wheel with imperfect balance he won $ 300,000 for just 4 days!


Charles Wells

Charles Wells is one of the most famous roulette players. He was born in 1841 and was the inspiration for Fred Gilbert to write a song "The Man Who Broke the Bank in Monte Carlo." This man was extremely lucky in the roulette game. His gambling brought him millions of franks.

However, much because of the fact that the player didn't know his limits, Mr. Wells continued playing until he lost all money. Having been left totally broke, he was soon, moreover, arrested, and later on, imprisoned for the fraud tricks with his investors' funds.


Ashley Revell

Ashley Revell has become famous for beating roulette in the extraordinary way. In 2004 the native British from London sold everything he had, all of his possessions to get $135,300. Why did he do so? Ashley Revell was ready to risk in order to double his money. In order to do that he decided to try his luck in roulette and put this sum on red. The exciting was growing with every second of the spin of roulette wheel. When the ball finally landed, Ashley could not believe his eyes - he won! The media attention, this game has made Mr. Revell a world's mega-star.


Casino gambling attracts many players around the world. Modern casinos provide their clients with the best services, interesting gaming experience and big amount of casino games to play. Every casino takes care of their staff to be trained enough so that their players were fully satisfied.

One of the most interesting as well as unpredictable game to play is roulette. This old game is quite tricky as the outcomes cannot be influenced in any honest way. The rules of roulette are very easy and there are no skills involved in the game. Players have to know how to place bets and manage their spending without trying to catch up the loses. Roulette is a pure game of chance and every spin or roulette wheel is an independent event with no influence on future outcomes. However, there famous roulette players who were highly successful in beating roulette and winning big!

Famous Roulette Variations

Mathematics has profoundly influenced gambling industry, even at online casino games https://bingo77uk.com/bingo-sites/no-deposit-bingo. The thing is that if you want to be successful at some games it is not enough to know game rules. Games, which are based at pure luck, require using of mathematic methods in order to increase winning chances and help player not to lose all his cash. Some of the games were created not long time ago and were aimed to make people play with their fortune. For example, scientist John Koza was a founder of the first scratch cards, which attracted thousands of players all over the world due to their simplicity and instant moment winnings. As well as scratch cards, roulette has some systems, created for making betting process easier. All of them are based on mathematics; though do not require strong maths skill. One of this systems is knows by the name of Martingale but it can also be called as Progressive betting system or Doubling up betting strategy.


Many players of energy casino worldwide know Martingale roulette strategy but it is quite risky to play casino using this strategy for all the bets you make. That is why new and improved betting systems have been created. Labouchere betting strategy can be generally used for even-money bets. Try out this strategy for yourself while having a few Springbok roulette spins at one of the most fascinating casinos.

Labouchere system main idea is to choose the amount a player wishes to win when playing online roulette. After doing that, this sum has to be divided into a string of positive numbers.

You should know, that you may use Labouchere system at any casino game casinobonusesfinder.co.nz/no-deposit-bonus/. This method belongs to the money-managements systems, which are aimed not to boost your chances to win, but keep you from loses. You can play blackjack, craps and even bingo online using this strategy. We advise you to try bingo game along with Labouchere system. Explore bingo games at OBF and get exposed to many Bingo Friends on-line. You may also find different casino games with this strategy at the best casinos online! For example, when you sign up at an online casino, you will receive free bonus money right from the start, so there is still no risk to you. You will find at this casino not only fascinating bonuses, but also a wide choice of gambling games – and of course, you will be able to play roulette and use the best strategies to win the game!