Casino gambling has become one of the most popular kinds of entertainment nowadays. People enjoy spending their time in casinos, making trips to various places to gamble or simply observe how others do their craziest betting and win or lose enormous amounts of money.

Roulette game

top hatting

Land casinos attract players with luxurious designs, nice atmosphere and great opportunity to try their skills or luck. Many gamblers are fond of playing roulette as it offers high payouts. Moreover, the rules of roulette are simple and straightforward so that anyone can learn how to place bets and what bets to place. The most interesting thing about roulette is that every spin of roulette wheel is an independent even with no influence on future outcomes. However, lots of players are trying to beat roulette and fool the dealers by using different roulette betting systems or even roulette cheating methods. But it happens more than often that players are fooling only themselves by thinking that roulette can be so easily beaten.

Top hatting - one of the most frequently used cheating method

Top hatting is considered to be the most effective way of cheating in roulette as this method involves both the dealer and the player. It allows them to win for sure (if nobody notice cheating) but not big amounts. The main idea of this cheating method can be explained by late betting principle. The dealer has to slip the chip or chips on the winning number after the ball has already landed and the result is known. Sometimes, there are chips on the winning number, so the dealer has only to add the extra ones. A dealer usually does it for a player he knows very well and cooperates with him/her. It seems to be not interesting to add just couple of chips, as the winnings are not big, but let's have a look at the example, the added $25 chip makes $825 payout! How is that? Few times of top hatting and the winnings are not that small, ha?

If you neither wish to try cheating nor play with a cheater at the same table, the best option for you is casinos online.

The main pitfall of this method is that this method can be easily spotted by managers or security in casino.