Roulette history is full of talented and skillful roulette players. They have become famous for what they have done and the amounts of money they have won. They placed amazing bets and had the weirdest theories that helped them to beat roulette. One of the most famous players is known as "The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo". His real name is Joseph Jagger.


Joseph Jagger was born in 1830 in England. He was an engineer and mechanic in the cotton industry. His technical education gave him right to be sure that every device created by human had actually some imperfections. Being highly interested in playing roulette, he decided to check his theory. Joseph hired 6 men to be his companions. His main idea was to find some signs of imperfections at the roulette wheel and take advantage of them.

Gambling in Monte Carlo

Having arrived in Monte Carlo he chose the Beaux-Arts Casino to observe six wheels of roulette and try to find the biased one. The 6 clerks he hired recorded secretly all the winning numbers for Joseph to check his theory. Five of the observed wheels gave random results but the sixth one was imperfectly balanced as one number occurred nine times often the others. So, it was great chance to make use of this wheel! Joseph started gambling at the biased wheel and after 4 days of constant playing he won $ 300,000! That was an enormous sum of money at that time!

Casino's response

The owners of the Beaux-Arts Casino were not satisfied with losing so much and they sensed some signs of cheating. Well, the only decision they made up was to move the roulette wheels to different tables. Joseph started gambling but was losing money as the results were actually random. Why is that so? He figured out that casino made attempts to trick him. He understood he should look for his lucky wheel. When he found it, his winnings amounted to $450,000.

The roulette winnings Joseph invested into real estate and never tried gambling again.