It is a common knowledge that money rules the world. The modern society is obsessed with the idea of earning big and having a luxurious life with many entertainments involved. What is the most popular way to get both high winnings and enjoy the process of getting them? The answer is gambling, one of the most famous kind of entertainment that can bring lots of money.

In order to enjoy the gaming process fully, players master their skills and take many attempts to get positive results. However, there are games of chance that do not require special skills. One of such games is roulette. The rules of roulette are very easy and it is simple to learn how to place bets. The main idea of the game is simply to predict the future outcomes and this is where the hard point begins. Being a game of luck, it is obvious that no roulette betting systems or roulette cheating methods can be applied. But some players were actually able to beat roulette and win a fortune by cheating.

Laser scam - dangerous cheating method with great results

Laser scam is comparatively new method of cheating that appeared with the development of computer technologies. It became famous due to the great winnings it brought to London trio: two Serbian men and a Hungarian woman. These people managed to cheat casino for more than one million pound sterling.

The main idea of this method is to link the laser scanner to the computer. This way it will gauge the possible outcomes of the game. The device measures the speed of the ball and produces the numbers that are most likely to come out and players can make their choice until the wheel makes 3 spins. With the help of the laser scam method a trio won £1,3 millions for just 2 days.

The police said the trio could keep their winnings.