If you can't wait to finally test this centuries old and still current game online, you should pause for a moment and get a first overview regarding the different game modes, entry possibilities and a few other important points. To make sure the road to gaming fun doesn't take too long, moneygamblingapp.com puts the essentials right down to the last detail here:

Finding the right casino: The first step to enjoying the game is to find a suitable and reputable online casino. You really shouldn't take abbreviations here, because that can quickly turn out to be unfortunate. To inform yourself about the advantages and disadvantages of an online casino before you register, reveal your data and deposit cash is a real must. After all, you probably won't practice free games forever without signing up. One thing to keep in mind is the license, the encryption of the data transfer, the deposit and withdrawal options as well as the associated conditions, the offer of roulette games, the bonus offers and, if desired, the availability of a mobile version or a download version.

Bonus offers correctly use: If you don't just want to play roulette for free, but also gamble in real money mode, you need to take a close look at the bonus offers. Here one can receive often completely uncomplicated additional play money.

So really big win: If you then decided that you want to change from playing roulette without money to full risk, then you have the chance to win really big. With a single right tip, a lot of money often waits here. With the right variant, playing roulette online is even more fun.

The Roulette Game Rules Guide is explained in three simple steps and is simple to follow. But before that the question of the right kind of roulette arises. In the long years of the roulette tradition different variants have crystallized, which are all different, but no better or worse to play than others. Since it is often possible to play roulette for free without registering, you can also test the different types yourself and filter out their differences. However, you need some time and patience. If one prefers to approach the selection of the roulette game with well-founded information, the most important two types of roulette are explained here:

French Roulette: French Roulette is also called European Roulette (as a counterpart to American Roulette). In this roulette form there are 37 different fields on which you can bet as a player. These contain the numbers from 0 to 36, with red and black fields alternately arranged on the roulette wheel. The zero stands on green ground. The bet can then be placed on different numbers or combinations of numbers. Number combinations are for example even or odd numbers, first, second or third dozen, neighbouring numbers or similar. The highest odds are, of course, for individual numbers on which a bet is placed.

American Roulette: This type of Roulette is very similar to European Roulette, with only a few differences. The main difference is the presence of a double zero. There are thus two green fields and thus altogether one field more (thus 38 fields) on which can be set - that means also a larger bank advantage in this variant. The arrangement of the numbers on the playing field is somewhat different than in the French variant. Apart from that, there are no serious differences.

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