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Modern gambling attracts more and more players from all over the world. Every year people make trips to various places so to feel the adrenaline rush and try their luck and skills in casinos.

Playing casino games is a great way of relaxing and having fun with the opportunities to win money or even make a fortune! The latter is the crucial factor for those choosing roulette as the game where various roulette betting systems or roulette cheating methods can be used. Players know that it is illegal and quite risky, but high payouts make playing roulette even more exciting. The most popular and widely used cheating methods are top hatting, laser scam, ball tripping and past posting.

Top hatting

Top hatting is one of the oldest roulette cheating method. It involves dealer-player cooperation for successful results. Top hatting refers to late betting. It means that bets are placed after the winning number is known. How is that possible? Well, a dealer has to be very skilled as he/she is supposed to place additional chips on the winning number AFTER the ball stops. It is useful to know how to cheat roulette when using top hatting.

Laser scam

The most advanced cheating method is known as laser scam. It has developed with the help of computer technologies. This method is rather complicated as the laser scanner has to be linked to the computer and it will tell the possible outcomes by determining the speed of the ball and the wheel or roulette.

Past posting

Roulette high payouts attract lots of players around the world. If a player wishes to win big, he/she can use past posting. This cheating method is for highly skillful players as they have to add their additional chips at the roulette table AFTER the ball lands in the numbered slot. It is also called late betting.