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Online casinos have rocketed in popularity since the mid-1990s, its progress hastened by new technologies and straight forward play. This may be because many different players were made to feel uncomfortable in brick and mortar casinos, partly due to tense atmospheres and partly due to suspicions over fixed winners.

You might argue that the beauty of online is the fact that the game is determined by a computer, essentially an algorithm, which means you know you’ll never been cheated out of any winnings. Nonetheless, there are always techniques to be aware of in order to secure your best chances of winning a great deal of money.

To bonus, or not to bonus?

The market is saturated with online casinos, which means their welcome offers for new players are extremely competitive. Players who have been fans of online casinos since their launch will notice that sign up bonuses have increased year on year, which can be a great benefit to any player.

Firstly, getting a free bonus is a great way of trialling their variety of games without having to commit by putting down any money. That way, if you do decide that the site is worth its weight in gold you can finally invest and hopefully reap the benefits. Many online casinos will also offer reload bonuses to players who keep using the site. However, every player should be aware that welcome bonuses tend to have increased wagering requirements, so always read the terms and conditions before attempting to withdraw.

Play at a mobile casino

The mobile casino is a relatively new invention since the sudden unexpected success of the iPhone back in 2007. The product has come a long way since then, and tends to offer even better technology, games and graphics than online casinos. They also offer a level of convenience that no other product can give considering you can just take a game like Mobile American Roulette around in your back pocket!

A large proportion of mobile casinos have very impressive graphics on offer for their players, with many of them updating their games in HD. One of the market leaders in the mobile casino and mobile gaming world is Fortune Frenzy. The brand has been around for less than a year and already has a huge selection of games with incredible animation.

Though animation may not seem that important, it adds to the overall gaming experience which inevitably incentivises you to keep playing and win money!

Check the rules

Whether it’s a mobile or online casino it’s always important to check the terms and conditions of the game you are playing. This is firstly so you know exactly where you stand with the game, and so you know how to withdraw.

But on another level, knowledge of the rules makes your game stronger as your next move will always be well informed. If you know exactly how much each ticket it worth, and the amount you’re likely to win on it, then that will automatically make you a better player.

Find reliable sites

There are a huge range of reputable sites in the online gambling industry that have regular jackpots, a massive range of games and fantastic promotions. However, like any other sector there are also a great deal of sites and apps that haven’t had as much effort put into them, making the gaming experience less enjoyable for players.

There’s a variety of ways to spot these sites. Firstly, the quality of their graphics and animation will be an extremely easy way of seeing whether a lot of love has been put into them. It’s also important to check out how often their jackpots are running, and whether their cash prizes are worth signing up for. If the prize amounts have minimal value then that might be an indication that no one is playing there.

One last way of spotting sites that aren’t worth signing up to is whether they come from a portfolio of online gambling brands. Online casinos that have other brothers and sisters in the gambling world will be run by experts within the industry, which guarantees you an excellent gaming experience.

We recommend that you try http://www.spotlightonlinegaming.com/. This company has a portfolio of six online gambling brands, and has been a market leader within the industry for many years. Any product that they release is bound to be created with care and developed to the point where it can offer some of the best games around.