What most first-time online gamers want when they’re searching for a casino is an immersive experience that replicates the thrills and spills of a live hall. Few of us can jet out to Monte Carlo or Las Vegas every weekend but why bother when you can bring the tension and excitement to your own living room?

Choosing an online casino can be difficult. There are hundreds of sites out there that offer glitzy arcade games and big-money poker tournaments, but if its variety coupled with gameplay you’re after then the Betfair Casino is right for you.

Before choosing your casino it’s worth considering what kind of games you want to play. Are you a poker face ready to challenge the online Texas Hold’em community? Or maybe you’re an expert roulette master who knows your Orphelins from your Voisons du zéro?

The Betfair Casino offers numerous live and simulated poker games that plunge you into the immersive experience of bluffs, blinds and big wins and you should consider carefully which one to choose. If you’re a first timer then Texas is the best place to start because you learn card values and the general idea of poker, before moving on to Omaha and even Caribbean Stud.

If you’re a slot machines player then a good tip for choosing a casino is to sample the demo version of each one and see if you like them. The Betfair Casino offers demos on all its movie slot machines, so you can experience the action of Batman, Gladiator, King Kong and Baywatch without leaving your living room.

Many gamers search out the best Betfair Roulette tables to play on and what they’re looking for is the gameplay experience, rather than the potential winnings. This is because roulette follows the same rules and payouts across the world, so on-screen qualities are what make the game fun to play.

It’s always worth watching the Live Roulette tables to see how it’s done. With these games, you’re not playing a simulation, but are actually in the live casino hall watching a croupier spin that famous wheel.

The live experience is what you should look for when choosing an online casino, for this is what develops gaming from a bit of fun to an entertainment full of real life tension and joy.