Many people like gambling as it is a kind of entertainment where they can relax and get excited. Lots of players do not even try playing complicated games of skill like blackjack or poker and simply enjoy playing different games of luck. The most popular of them is roulette game. It has originated in Europe (France) in 18th century and became highly famous around the world. During the course of roulette history, the game was developing and changing and soon after its creation it was brought to the USA.

American roulette wheel

Being highly popular among Europeans, the roulette game gained the American citizens attention also in no time. Gambling was popular in America in late 18th century and the new game brought from the overseas was intriguing.

The American roulette wheel was a bit modified so that it was more profitable for casinos. The additional zero slot was added and the number sequence on the wheel was changed. So, the wheel had 36 numbered slots and 2 zero slots (single zero (0) and double zero (00) slots) comparing to one single zero slot in the European roulette wheel. The numbers on the American wheel are placed in pairs opposite to one another whereas in European roulette the numbers are placed in random order.

American roulette was also called the Double zero roulette and had higher house edge of 5,26%. That feature made the roulette gaming more challenging for players and more profitable for casino owners. Moreover, during its evolution in American casinos, the American Eagle sign (which refers to American liberty) was added to the American roulette wheel.

American roulette table is practical in use and players can easily place bets. It is possible to place inside as well as outside bets. The odds of American roulette are lower comparing to European roulette because of the high house edge.

Playing roulette is a very positive experience only if the game is not taken very seriously and players do not try to catch up after every loss as it is a pure game of chance. Believe in your luck!