Have you ever dreamt of being rich and having big money that allow you to do everything you want? I am sure lots of people around the world would like to make a fortune without actually working hard. It sounds unrealistic but there are those who believe that gambling is a nice way to enjoy the process of earning a lot without too many efforts.

Even though gambling seems to be a very easy way of doing that, players are wrong. As there are two types of casino games to play: games of skill and of luck. The first type requires mastering skills as the rules are difficult as well as the systems and strategies for betting. The second type of the games has also its tricks - players have to be very lucky to predict the outcomes or listen to their inner voice. The smartest players do not rely on their luck and make everything right. The first thing they do is make use of roulette betting systems, if they do not work, the roulette cheating methods come into force.

Ball tripping - difficult but very effective way of cheating

Ball tripping is a highly complicated method of cheating in roulette. It cannot be applied to the game if a player will not cooperate with a dealer as this is a kind of team method. Roulette dealer is responsible for the most serious part as to drill a tiny hole in the roulette ball and insert a controlling pin in it. When the right moment comes the dealer pulls a special lever so the pin gets on the track where a roulette ball is rotating.

It is very difficult to apply this method to playing roulette and lots of skills are required. Moreover, ball tripping is illegal and cheaters can be sent to jail for doing that.