When someone suggests you all play a board game choosing one everyone wants to play can be very tricky. The campaigners among us will always opt for Risk or Monopoly. Those with a shrewd mind love to play Cluedo and wordies insist Scrabble is the best game on the planet.

Finding a game everyone can play is tough and usually you’re stuck with three players hell-bent on winning while the rest aimlessly sit around, wondering more and more what’s on TV.

The problem with board games is that they’re very difficult to play by yourself, which is exactly what makes the online casino community so much more fun than arguing among your friends. Board games have finally come to online casinos and you can replicate the thrill and excitement of your favourite pastimes while potentially winning serious cash.

One of the most popular slot machine platforms is Dungeons and Dragons, the famous battle of good versus evil. Play D&D Crystal Caverns and descend into the atmosphere and eerie surrounds of this enthralling world. There are 20 paylines to bet on so you’ve loads of chances to win big cash as you play for mega bonuses that open further secrets.

Nail the Bard symbol five times and bring home 1000-fold the value of your bet, while the Magic-User boasts 500-times for the same combination. Dungeons and Dragons also hosts the Tumbling Treasures Bonus, which sends free spins your way if you’re lucky.

Alongside D&D many online casinos gamers enjoy Cluedo. The game brings that who-dun-it tension derived from the original onto your screen and you must spin your way to big money with Reverend Green and Colonel Mustard. Mega Jackpots Cluedo also provides 20 paylines and starts with the chilling last scream of the murder victim to get your blood pumping.

If you place the maximum bet each spin you stand a chance of winning the Mega Jackpot, a landfall greater than the mind of Professor Plum or the heels of Miss Scarlet.

There really is something for every taste once in the casino and these board games are sure to keep you entertained for hours.